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Click on the picture to download the original (but cropped) version of the picture.

The originals were taken with a Kodak DC215 zoom, set to standard/better ie 640 x 480 better quality this gives about 35 pictures with the 4Mb card, the average size for a JPEG picture is 110 Kb but they vary a lot but are usually between 60 and 170Kb. Some of the pictures have been cropped. The ones on the page have been resized to make them smaller (5 to 10Kb) that makes the page load faster.

The first picture was taken on the main road as it leaves Needham Market, the next five were all taken from the track that leads to the church, more pictures will follow as I get around to taking them. IF any surfer wants a picture of some area in particular I will do my best for you.

I now have a better quality camera and a broadband connection so I can now put higher quality pics on the site as an option.

Badley BridgeTop of DovesHill Across to A45

Old Keyfield from north New Keyfield from northBoundary with Battisford

These are pictures of the church and part of the church yard.

East end of churchWest end of Church Graveyard

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Original Dated November 12th 2000

Updated 21st September 2006  following a forced change of ISP (was with Euro1net)